Introduction to the CF Module


The purpose of the Core Functionalities (CF) module is to allow full characterization of the EMB3Rs platform objects (sinks and sources) and provide technical information to all the analysis modules, namely the graphical information systems (GIS) module, the techno-economic (TEO) module, the market module (MM), and the business module (BM); to run their simulations.

The CF module divides both sinks and sources submodules into two main sections: characterization and simulation. The characterization focuses on receiving the user inputs and performing the needed computations to characterize the created objects, e.g., when the user creates a sink object, namely a greenhouse, the CF will compute its yearly heating needs according to its location, greenhouse dimensions, and other input parameters. The simulation focuses on performing analysis based on the characterization information, e.g. for a source’s excess heat streams (which were computed in the characterization), the conversion simulation will evaluate the available amount of energy that can be provided to a district heating network (DHN).

Looking into more detail at the main platform objects:

  • When a user creates a SOURCE, there are two methods to perform its characterization. A simple form if the user desires to characterize directly specific excess heat streams and a more detailed form for users who intend an industry complete characterization. These need to introduce in detail their equipment and processes data. In terms of simulation, whether simplified or detailed characterization, the CF module will convert the source´s excess heat to the DHN, estimating the available conversion heat and the technologies that could be implemented. Only for the users who performed the detailed characterization is performed the internal heat recovery analysis – based on a pinch analysis-, in which the CF suggests possible heat exchanger design combinations.


  • When a user creates a SINK, it is prompted to the user to characterize its heating/cooling demand. Similar to the source, there is a simplified form for the user to input directly a specific heat/cold stream demand, and a more detailed form for the users who which to characterize buildings – residential, offices, hotels, and greenhouses. According to the user’s buildings specification, the CF will characterize the building by generating the heating/cooling demand. Simulation-wise, the CF will evaluate the technologies that could be implemented on the DHN to meet the heat/cold sink´s needs.


GitHub Repository

The standalone version of the CF module can be found on the GitHub repository here .